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This is NOT a sponsored post, just my opinion.

I found this product a couple of yeas ago. It is a concentrated beef or chicken flavor; it’s the same as beef or chicken bouillon cubes except it’s a paste. Now, the reason I like the paste better, it takes a long time, even in  boiling water for the hard cubes to dissolve. This paste dissolves immediately. If you don’t have storage space for cans and cartons of beef and chicken stock, this paste is just as good and just as tasty.

This particular brand is Superior Touch. I keep beef and chicken in the fridge
and add it to flavor sauces, stews, soups.

Better than bouillon Call Me PMc

Just thought you’d like to know!

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  1. I have had, on my Amazon wishlist for several years, a bottle of Loster Better Than Boullion. I need it to make Loster Bisque. I cannot find it locally. Why I can't pull the trigger I do not know LOL! Thanks for reminding me that it is still on my wishlist!

  2. LOVE the better than boullion products. They really do make a rich stock that actually tastes more like someone made it than a powdered cube of crap.

  3. I'm with you, Paula, I've been a big fan of their low-sodium variety of chicken stock for a couple of years. I was thrilled recently to find that Costco carries a jar 3x the size for the same price as the standard supermarket jar.

  4. Patricia Engle says:

    I was lucky enough to win a bottle of the Chicken flavored Better Than Boullion . I am here to tell you that I will never use a powder or block of boullion again. Better than Boullion has won my heart for the best flavor boullion ever. My dumplings has a new richer and creamier taste to them the best. I have a problem our local stores don’t carry Better Than Boullion so I will be ordering mine.

  5. Sharon says:

    Where can I buy this store wise or ordering it? I have heard of several people using it and would love to try it.


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