Holiday Your Way: Party Planning Guide

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Have you ever wanted to host a party, but just didn’t know where to start? Party planning and hosting is one of my favorite things. From choosing a theme to planning the menu and decorating, I enjoy it all. Granted, I don’t really have to do it by myself. My husband loves to entertain. He loves the social side, but since he also enjoys cooking, I know I can depend on him to help with cooking. We never have a party catered. To me menu planning and executing that plan is part of the fun.

I’m not as good at decorating, that why I visit Holiday Your Way for help. They have tips a variety of tips, lists and inspirational ideas to help in your party hosting needs.

Steps for Holiday Entertaining and your Party Planning Guide

  1. choosing a theme
  2. time-line checklist
  3. setting up a bar
  4. beverage recipes
  5. Holiday Recipes

1. The first step is to choose a theme. Bed Bath & Beyond has some great suggestions at their Holiday Your Way site Holiday Party Themes

2. Next I like to plan out my time line so I know I’m not behind and stressed at the last minute.

3. I like to have a bar set up in an area that’s not in the middle of everything. (Because it will be very popular!)


4. When planning for a holiday party. I plan the food menu, but I also like to have a specialty cocktail like this Fruity Red Sangria.


5. And, last but not least, you need great food. People will remember if you have great food. They’ll also remember if you have terrible food!
Try these Bacon and Cream Cheese Tomatoes

Tomatoes stuffed

and Sweet and Spicy Glazed Nuts

Sweet & spicy nuts

What are some of your entertaining tips? Do you have go-to recipes for when you host?

For more tips for your Holiday Entertaining visit Holiday Your Way at Bed Bath & Beyond.


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  1. Wow…what a great post, Paula! I love the idea of keeping track of the online RSVPs. (I just wish everyone would RSVP these days though!)

    • grrr, that is my pet peeve, Gloria. I hate when people don’t reply, how the heck are you supposed to plan for food and drink?

  2. Thanks for this great guide to holiday party planning, great tips and post :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend Paula :)

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