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Has this ever happened to you? You’re sitting around having girls night out with your best girl friends when the topic of dieting comes up? Then one by one everybody chimes in on the perils of weight loss. Each person confesses their weight loss attempts. How much they need/want to lose. It’s almost like before someone else tells you  that you should lose weight, you jump in and criticize yourself. Fat Talk is contagious. I’ve been there plenty of times. When the subject of weight loss comes up, almost every single lady, including myself, expresses their weight loss troubles. I’ve always been what most people would call thin, excluding the freshman 15 in college (yikes!), but I still feel like I need to lose 5 lbs. Always 5 lbs. I feel like I need to tell everyone that fact when the fat talk starts. I don’t know why that is either. But I do know that it doesn’t help and is self-defeating trait to talk about the negatives.

Fight Fat Talk

Special K conducted a recent survey that uncovered 62% of women feel compelled to engage in Fat Talk about themselves when they hear other women doing so – and 63% said they don’t try to stop or change the conversation. Why is that? Fat talk is so common, it’s become acceptable behavior! It’s also a barrier to managing or losing weight.

I run. When I run a long run, I’m positive. I think positive thoughts and I repeat positive mantras. It’s a proven running tactic that positive mantras improve your performance. I know this is part of the reason I was able to complete my first half marathon. Without those positive thoughts I couldn’t have done it. Imagine if I had thought this way instead:

This is awful.

When will this be over.

I can’t do this

I’ll never make it.

What if I’d had those thoughts instead of positive thoughts? Do you think I’d accomplished my goal?

No. I more than likely would have failed. It’s the same way with weight control, if you think you can’t you won’tIf you think you can, you will. Fat Talk weighs all women down. Negative comments women make about their bodies and others’ can be a barrier to weight management success.

Research shows 93% of womean engage in ‘fat talk’.

So what do you do?

I joined Special K and Tyra Banks to help spread the word and SHHHHut down Fat Talk! I want to encourage to to Think Positive and talk positively about themselves. We deserve to think and feel beautiful and good about ourselves whatever age, weight and size we are!

As a partner to women along their weight management journey, Special K offers many delicious and guilt-free products, including snack and breakfast options. These options also provide protein and fiber, both of which we need. They also offer great information here Also, to help women with their weight management journey this New Year, Special K encourages you to participate in the Special K Challenge, an easy, effective way for women to kick-start their weight-management plan in 2014.

For more information about the Special K Challenge, visit Special K to help SHHHHut down Fat Talk (#FightFatTalk).

Think Positive | Fight Fat Talk

Think Positive | Fight Fat Talk

As we get ready to kick off 2014 it’s important that we start the year off right & #FightFatTalk

Will you Fight Fat Talk?

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  1. I agree about the ‘fat talk,’ but if we ate no cereals, orange juice, bagels, and sugar in general, we’d all lose those 5# easily. But we all watch the commercials. We should realize that General Mills and Kelloggs doesn’t care if we’re fat, they care that we buy their cereals.

  2. I agree, Paula. We are self deprecating and should be more positive about ourselves in general. Beauty comes from within, right?? I wonder how many people would be shocked if, as opposed to those 5 lbs, we just said “I’m perfectly happy with myself the way that I am at this phase in my life. Oh, and pass the cheesecake.”
    Certainly makes you think. Thanks for making US think about this and how we view ourselves, Paula!

    • Thank you Claire! Maybe if one person spoke up positively, in the next conversation 2 people would. Makes you think.

  3. You know what….it drives me crazy when people start talking about their weight. Especially because the majority of people who do are not fat!! I try and avoid those topics of conversation because it is just so negative. I found the chart very interesting. It is when we compare ourselves to others that we get most down on ourselves.

  4. It is SO easy to focus on the negative isn’t it! You are right that it is so important to speak positively!!

  5. I am definitely guilty of this, especially when I see myself in the mirror. I learned it from my mother because she used to do the same thing. I think this is a great campaign and I have to try to start thinking about my body less negatively.

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