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Gelato Love from  Breyers® Gelato Indulgences™

Vanilla Caramel Breyers Gelato

Wow! It’s been a busy two months for us. Not only have Big Daddy and I been busy, the boys have scout obligations and campouts almost every weekend. They’ve entertained friends and had a birthday party sleepover. This weekend we got lucky and both of them are gone and we didn’t have to chaperone!

That means date night! We get to grill what we like, watch a movie and enjoy this new Breyers® Gelato Indulgences™ that I’ve been dying to try! From the very first time I saw the commercial for Breyers® Gelato Indulgences™ on the season finale of my favorite show, Parenthood, I’ve been waiting for my grocery store to get it. 

Breyers® is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of new Breyers® Gelato Indulgences™. Each of the four delicious varieties features a trio of textures – creamy gelato, luscious sauce and gourmet toppings – for the ultimate indulgence. They know indulgences since they’ve been bringing families together to enjoy delicious frozen treats for more than 140 years!

I had got all four flavors to try! How could I choose just one?!

-Breyers Gelato Indulgences Vanilla Caramel features creamy vanilla gelato topped with luscious caramel sauce and gourmet caramelly curls 
-Breyers Gelato Indulgences Raspberry Cheesecake features cheesecake gelato topped with luscious raspberry sauce and gourmet graham crumble 
-Breyers Gelato Indulgences Tiramisu features mascarpone gelato topped with espresso sauce, ladyfinger cookie pieces and sprinkled with gourmet cocoa 
-Breyers Gelato Indulgences Triple Chocolate features milk chocolate and dark chocolate gelatos topped with white chocolate sauce and chocolatey curls

Vanilla Caramel Breyers Gelato

I think after trying many spoonfuls of each flavor, I like this Vanilla Caramel the best. I think. I’m telling you, they’re all so good it’s truly hard to decide!

 Breyers® Gelato Indulgences™ is now available at grocery stores nationwide in a 28.5oz clear tub, showcasing the gelato with its luscious sauce and gourmet toppings, for a suggested retail price of $4.49-$5.99.


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Breyers Gelato Indulgences

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  1. I think I would go for the vanilla caramel as well. Sounds so good! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day weekend!

    • It’s dangerously good! Thanks, Matt, I did. I got tile for a new kitchen back splash, that may not excite some, but I’m pumped!

  2. Breyers does make THE best ice cream. So their gelato has to be el supremo! I had some gelato yesterday. It is sooooooooo creamy.

  3. Paula, I’m all over this! Gelato has to be my favorite kind of frozen treat… and vanilla caramel… SO my fave! This is perfect for a date night at home with no interruption from children… :) Great post, girlfriend!

  4. Paula, I keep seeing the commercials and think I have to try this – now I KNOW I have to get some! I’m with Gloria, I’m going straight for the vanilla caramel! Thanks for sharing and have a happy Tuesday!

  5. I’m torn between the Triple Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake!

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