Best Toys Boys ages 10-12

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 As I was starting my holiday shopping this year, I sat down and asked my boys what they wanted, then I did a quick Google search of Best Toys Boys ages 10-12. There weren’t a lot of options listed for this age group. Since I was looking I thought you may be too. I hope these tips will help you find the Best Toys Boys ages 10-12.

Best Toys Boys Age 10-12

Gaming systems

  1. Playstation
  2. Wii U
  3. Xbox


  1. Minecraft
  2. Ninjago
  3. Pokemon


  1. Ipad
  2. Laptop

Things with wheels

  1. Skateboard
  2. Scooters
  3. Bicycles
  4. Go cart

Things they can drive

  1. Radio controlled anything – planes, helicopters, cars

Sports equipment

  1. Whether they have one favorite sport or many, boys always like sports equipment
  2. Boys also like shirts, caps, etc with their favorite sports star on them, a jersey with their heroes number or name

Encourage a hobby

  1. Model cars and planes are timeless and encourages creativity
  2. Musical instruments are also a favorite. Include lessons if necessary.

Just for fun

  1. I think at some point every child wants a trampoline
  2. Boards games are also a great idea. I’d stick to a classic if your child hasn’t asked for something specific.
  3. Cards, dominos, and zig saw puzzles are timeless, good for stocking stuffers and a great way to play and interact as a family.

Did this guide for the Best Toys Boys ages 10-12 help?

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  1. My nephew is turning 11 and we always have the hardest time shopping for him too. Even when we ask him what he wants, he just shrugs and says anything. Love this gift guide, sports equipment and games are things he is interested in as well. Chase Rewards sounds awesome! Definitely have to go check it out!

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