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6 Best Turkey Recipes – Terrific Turkey Recipes to share with you that will help you roasting of your turkey.

6 Best Turkey Recipes - Terrific Turkey Recipes to share with you that will help you roasting of your turkey.


Butterball conducted the first-ever consumer survey. Here’s what they discovered:

  • Two-thirds of Americans rank Thanksgiving as one of their favorite holidays.
  • Two-thirds of Americans like to incorporate new traditions into their celebrations…many of which include cooking up new and different recipes for loved ones to enjoy.
  • Out of all things Thanksgiving preparers cook up, they’re most proud of the turkey. And 88 percent prep it the old-school way: in an oven.
  • 84 percent feel excited about preparing the meal, and 74 percent of Americans don’t expect Thanksgiving to be perfect.
  • It’s the turkey! Despite the overall positivity around the holiday, first-time millennial preparers are still feeling the pressure. Eight in 10 first-time cooks worry about cooking the turkey correctly. This number drops among experienced preparers, but still 43% worry about getting it right.

6 best turkey recipes

how to thaw a turkey

When I started making the turkey for our family holidays, I didn’t know where to begin! In case you’re the same way, here are a few turkey recipes from my blogging buddies to help you.

Also, Butterball has extensive help as well.

6 Best Turkey Recipes - Terrific Turkey Recipes to share with you that will help you roasting of your turkey.

How is Butterball providing help to Thanksgiving cooks this year?

The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line has evolved how they help cooks and this year they are able to provide expert advice in many ways:

  • Text Help (844-877-3456): First, send the Turkey Talk-Line a text! Holiday cooking text help will be available starting Nov. 1, with extended hours starting the week of Thanksgiving.
  • Facebook and Twitter: Next, help is available through the Butterball Facebook and Twitter pages with tips, special savings and more.
  • Pinterest: As well, find Thanksgiving recipe inspiration for your holiday celebration on the Butterball Pinterest page.
  • Instagram: Follow Butterball on Instagram to get a behind-the-scenes look, recipe development for our Thanksgiving meal and more.
  • Live Chats: Furthermore, engage with turkey experts through Live Chats on Butterball.com during November and December and receive real-time suggestions and advice.
  • Butterball App: Additionally, download the free Butterball Cookbook Plus™ app on your Apple or Android device to get recipe ideas and cooking advice at your fingertips.
  • Email: Contact the Talk-Line via email by visiting Butterball.com.
  • 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372): Finally, Turkey Talk-Line experts will be available this season starting November 1, 2017, through December 24, 2017, to answer questions and assist all Thanksgiving cooks.

Ultimate Smoked Turkey

Ultimate Smoked Turkey

Best Holiday Roast Turkey Breast

Best Holiday Roast Turkey Breast is a smaller and more simple main course classic recipe that's flavor-packed, juicy, and tender.

3 Easy Steps to a Delicious Turkey


Bacon Roasted Turkey


Bacon & Sage Roasted Turkey

turkey wrapped with bacon

Damn Good Roast Turkey


Lemon Herb Turkey Breast



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