Important Blogging Links

Important Links

First of all, take a long, objective look at your blog. Look at it as a first-time view would. Here are some tips on How to Revamp your Homepage to gain Traffic.

Amplify your posts

Pinterest – more on Pinterest to follow
Whisk (now Samsung food)
Flipboard to promote
Yummly publishes your recipes or finds other recipes to save. Read more and view my profile here.


Pinterest drives to the majority of traffic to blogs nowadays. It’s used by so many to save and ‘bookmark’ items and recipes. If you aren’t using a Pinterest scheduling tool, I highly recommend that you start. Below are good schedulers to choose from.

How to Grow through Social Media

Facebook for Bloggers

Food Blogging

How to Write Recipes
Get More Twitter Followers
How to Write a Cookbook
Food Blogger Pro – Start & Grow

Blog Info

Revamp Your Blog to Gain More Traffic
Logo Design
10 Tools to Help Protect Your Blog from Content Theft

Time Management

Time Management Strategies


Photography Q&A 
Food Photography, Process 
You can also hire Photographers at Pretty Focused.

Blogging: Working with Others

Magazine Features and Getting Published

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