If you’re considering monetizing content online, whether a website, podcast, or affiliate marketing, build your traffic and followers and gain their trust before you push products on them. Also, remember that Content is King – you must add value to your readers and followers.

If all of this is new to you and you don’t even know where to start to start a blog read: How to Start a Blog.

There are a lot of different ways to make money online. I recommend trying several to see what works best for you and what you enjoy doing. The internet is always changing, and multiple income streams help you spread the risk if one form isn’t performing well.

  • Ads on site or platform
  • Sponsored Work through blog posts & social media work
  • Ambassadorships
  • Affiliate sales. This can be a product or service.
  • Sell a product or service – ebooks, How to seminars, workshops, conferences
  • Social Media – Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram will pay for your content
  • Donations – Install a ‘donation’ button on your website so readers can donate if they wish.
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How to get ads on a website

Before putting ads on your site, there are some important things to consider

  • Traffic: You need a significant audience visiting your site to be attractive to advertisers. The more visitors and page views, the more willing ad networks and advertisers want to work with you. Most advertising platforms, like the ones listed below, have minimum traffic requirements.
  • Quality content: You should focus on publishing quality content that people will want to see. This goes a long way in attracting traffic to your website.
  • Design and functionality: Your website should be easy to navigate. It needs to be uncluttered and look pleasing to the eye. Also, optimize it to load as fast as possible.
  • Create a media kit. A media kit is promotional material for your website that potential advertisers will read. It should contain in-depth and readily available information about your site and its traffic. They can download the kit instead of contacting you to provide these metrics every time. A media kit makes it easy for advertisers to find information about your site and know if you’re a suitable partner. Here is my media kit to use as an example. You can also search on Google to find other examples.
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly. Half of the global website traffic comes from mobile phones, so optimizing your site to be mobile-friendly is essential. Mobile-friendly websites rank higher on search engines as well. Your site should meet Google’s mobile standards.

Ad Networks

*Indicates companies I’ve worked with.

Ad Networks manage the ads on your site so you can spend time developing content. Most ad networks have traffic requirements. They manage all the different types of ads on your site: in-text ads, video ads, podcast ads, and in-image ads. Some ad networks may offer brand-sponsored posts. The higher your traffic is, the more you’ll make on ads. 

Google Adsense ads are most likely the first ads you can put on your site. There is no minimum traffic requirement to be approved by Google Adsense. However, your content must be high-quality, original, and attractive. Your content must comply with Adsense Program policies. And, you must be 18 years old or older. This article will walk you through setting up Google Adsense on your site.

Direct Advertising

Some people reserve areas for ads they sell directly. This works great if you have personal relationships with businesses, and it’s mutually beneficial to both parties to advertise.

Sponsored Work

Companies that connect brands with content creators. *Indicates companies I’ve worked with.

Kartra is an all-in-one platform that helps you build, launch, & grow your online business.

Brand Ambassador and Working with brands directly

Affiliate marketing

You can check out my Amazon storefront here.

Lasso. For website owners, once you start using affiliate programs, Lasso is a must for managing all the affiliate links.

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Monetization policies.


For sponsorships opportunities

Podcasts ad networks

TubeBuddy is a great service to optimize your videos!


You can monetize a professional profile or business page on FB or IG. You can also Monetize reels/videos/posts on Facebook/Instagram.

Check monetization eligibility for a Facebook page.

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Influencer Marketing

FTC Guidelines for Endorsements

Federal Trade Commission’s Guidelines – The FTC Act governs online soliciting and endorsements.

Getting Paid

Most companies pay through PayPal or direct deposit.

Courses for Success

Anna MacFarlane – Instagram Sprint course. Increase reach and engagement on Instagram.

General information

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