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This handy dandy chore chart idea will help remind your kids of the their daily and weekly chores. It’s an easy craft idea, and it really does help!

I decided to get a little crafty. Not for myself, mind you, but because I’m tired of reminding the boys of their chores 10 times a day and at bedtime, them still not being completed!

boy vaccuming

Therefore, I made this handy dandy little Chore Chart. I got the idea from Pinterest. I obviously didn’t Pin It because when I actually went back through my Boards I couldn’t find it. That’s also why it’s pretty basic…. how is it that I can spend hours upon hours making a cake but can’t focus 15 minutes on something like this?!

There are multitudes of variations on Chore Charts, but I decided this would work best for us. I put their initials on it and hang it in their rooms. On the clothes, pins are the name of what they need to do. As you can see, I even wrote down brush my teeth morning, brush their teeth at night, comb hair, and make the bed. This seems elementary but I’m seriously tired of asking if they have. (The answer is always ‘No’)

Table of Contents

Chore Chart

All the chores To Do are on the left, when they’ve completed the task they move the pin to the right. They move all pins to ‘done’ by bedtime.

I set consequences if they don’t do the chores and move the pins. (I decided not to give rewards for something they should be doing anyway, but to take away something if they don’t complete daily tasks.)

There are daily chores and those pins will just move from left to right every day.

I add the weekly chores on the day that I want the chores completed. For example, I add the “Put the Recycle Out” pin on Tuesday to be completed and ready for recycling pickup on Wednesday morning.

As well, I added an “Ask Mommy” and “Ask Daddy” for those random chores that come up.

Chore Chart

Crafting Tips

L is for Lincoln
R is for Ryder
L and R also come in handy because I always put Lincoln’s on left.
Ryder’s things always are put on right. Clever huh?
Also, I put their clean clothes with Lincoln’s on the left,
Ryder’s are on the right.

craft supplies for making kid's chore chart - door hangers, permanent markers, and clothespins.

*I color coded my son’s, so it’s easier for all of us to identify.
Lincoln started out as a baby having a blue (I guess because we thought eventually there would be a pink which didn’t happen!) So when Ryder came, his stuff got to be red, as in Ryder Red.
Ha! Love that!

wooden door hangers.

And, now at 10 and 7 they just know…
Lincoln’s stuff (backpacks, towels, sheets, on and on and on) is Blue
Ryder’s stuff is Red
no confusion!!

two bedroom door hangers. One has a red letter "L" and the other has a red letter "R".

Basic. Now just write chores on clothes pins and your set! See my other crafts. Find other useful craft ideas on Pinterest.

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