Planning a Holiday Dinner | Tips from Sister Schubert

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I took all the information I learned from Sister and applied it to my holiday dinner! Planning a Holiday Dinner | Tips from Sister Schubert

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We hosted both families for Thanksgiving this year at the same time. It takes a lot of planning and time, especially if you have a family, kids and a job. Just getting the house clean and keeping it clean for guests is enough to make a sane person nuts. Then there is the menu planning, purchasing and preparing food.

How to plan a holiday dinner

I want to share some of my tips I’ve learned there the years as well as tips I learned from Sister Schubert when planning for a dinner event so I’m sharing my Planning a Holiday Dinner | Tips from Sister Schubert guide with you. I learned a lot about Southern hospitality from Sister who credits her grandmother for teaching her the keys to being a good host. Turns out her grandmother taught her more than just how to make those famous rolls! #SisterSchubertsHoliday

Steps to a successful holiday dinner

*Plan you menu well in advance – Ask you guests about allergies or food preferences in advance. Plan recipes that can be made ahead of time as well as make traditional favorites in which everyone looks forward.

Sister Schubert turkey

*Decoration with traditional elements, handwritten place cards and fresh flowers. Nothing says welcome to my home like something personal and handwritten. Flowers and greenery always make a space more inviting.

sister schubert

*Set table the night before. This will allow more time on the day of the event for last-minute details as well as more time to spend with your guests.

Sister Schubert

*Prep as much as possible the day before. Make dishes that can be refrigerated the day before like cream cheese based dips, cakes and most casseroles. For those recipes that need last-minute attention, measure the ingredients and have all ingredients and utensils together.

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And of course, the meal should always include at least a couple of pans of Sister Schubert’s Parker House rolls!

Nov 21 Sister Schubert's

*Choose and label serving dishes the day before. Some of my larger serving platters and bowls that I don’t use daily are stacked and stored high in the cabinet. I really don’t want to drag everything out while guests are there.

*If possible serve guest one of their own favorite dishes. On my visit with Sister, she surprised us with homemade desserts from our blogs. I thought this was incredibly thoughtful.

Sister Schubert's dessert

*Plan for leftovers – send leftovers of a favorite dish home with each guest or take to a neighbor, friend or local homeless shelter.

This year you can also send home a special Needlepoint quote compliments of Sister Schubert’s. Turns out Sister doesn’t like to be idle. In her ‘down time’ she loves to do needlepoint. That’s how this unique Needlepoint quotes came to be. Needlequotes is an online service where you can enter your favorite quotes and send it to your friends and family.

Sister Schubert's Needlequotes

My personal quote from our family gathering may actually be my quote of the year too! Just after the prayer, when everyone had started to eat and was quite for the first time all day, my youngest son, Ryder, out of the blue turns to my nephew, who attends The University of Alabama, and proclaims, “We beat y’all in football this year!” Yes, yes we did! It couldn’t have been scripted better!

When you need help prepping for a party remember my tips on Planning a Holiday Dinner | Tips from Sister Schubert

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  1. I should prep ahead more, but I don’t always do that! I will definitely be doing tons of prep this year. Great tip to set the table the night before too! Now I just have to figure out how to keep the cat from tip-toeing around everything. 😉 Planning for leftovers… that never even occurred to me, but that’s a wonderful idea too! Thanks for sharing these, Paula!

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