The Happy Elf

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Meet Dexter, The Happy Elf

Dexter is our elf.
Dexter is not always on the shelf.
He has lots of fun while we are sleeping!
Sometimes he makes a mess!
He plays poker!
He has parties!
Elf on the shelf yoga

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Yoga elf!
I took these last December (2011), before blogging and when my
photography skills were terrible at best.
However, it was usually 4 a.m. and I was trying not to wake everyone, turn on lights or make noise.
Yeah, that’s it!
Elf on the shelf cards
Round table discussion!
Elf on the shelf smores
He made marshmallow snowmen!
Elf on the shelf cards
Playing cards!
Elf on the shelf gaming
Dexter plays ds! Who knew?
Elf on the shelf reading
He reads!
Elf on the shelf rodeo
“Yee-hawww! Giddy up fish!”
Dexter is riding the fish with a boa on!!
Apparently the fish agreed because he’s wearing antlers!
Elf on the shelf decorating
He toilet papered the kitchen!!
Elf on the shelf toilet papering
and himself!!
Elf on the shelf hydrating
Dexter had a party and is hydrating now.
Elf on the shelf tanning
Cue “Toes in the water…” Zac!
Beach ready!
Elf on the shelf wrapping gifts
He wrapped presents last night!!
Yay me!
But, he did not clean up!
Boo me!
I hope Dexter has made you smile and inspired you!
Laugh, Love, and Exercise!

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