Tips and Tricks for a Green Lawn Part 2

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Tips and Tricks for a Green Lawn Part 2



Look at that face!
Could you ever be mad at that sweet baby?
Well, no, I can’t, but I’m not too very happy with what she’s done to our backyard!

You see, we used to be fanatics about the yard and lawn.

Then we had kids…
and we had less time to devote to the yard.

Then, last year, after much begging (from the kids, not me) we got Summer.
She’s my sweet basset hound.

She’s also the reason my lawn has huge bald spots!
bald spots hd1 callmepmc

Look at that! Sad. So, so sad.
She knows she did it.


bald spots hd2 cmp

Tips and Tricks for a Green Lawn Part 2


And, another one.
But, then, I got the opportunity to work with Home Depot in the #Digin to Spring program.
My husband is also super pumped that I’m involved in the lawn care process this year.
I’m usually the flower and shrub girl.
I did a little research before going to the Home Depot store concerning lawn fertilizer versus organic fertilizer
I even read up on a fertilizer spreader! (Impressed?)
I read the information on weed control too.
I went to my local Home Depot store well equipped with the info I needed to make my purchases.

hd3 shopping trip cmp

 List in hand, let’s do this!

hd shopping trip cmp

 I couldn’t help but peruse the beautiful flowering plants.
I love this time of year.

hd2 shopping trip cmp

 We have also been looking for a DIY fire pit project.
This one may be the perfect fit. Ryder, Big Daddy, and Lincoln tested this one.
Where are my marshmallows?

hd4 shopping trip cmp

I enjoy shopping at Home Depot. You never know what cool things they’ll have.

hd6 shopping trip cmp

Ryder had bigger ideas on what to purchase than we did.

hd5 shopping trip cmp

Now, this mower may not be a bad idea!
I could see them mowing the lawn.

hd7 shopping trip cmp

I love a good wide-brimmed sun hat.

hd14 shopping trip cmp

 Down to business.
We need a fertilizer plus weed control as well as plant food.

hd13 shopping trip cmp

I liked the Vigoro brand of plant food. Ryder helped me decide.
Home Depot has a lot of brands and varieties to choose from.
I got great advice from one of the clerks.

hd12 shopping trip cmp

 Vigoro is what he ultimately recommended.

hd9 shopping strip cmp

 Wesley has always used Scott’s Turf Builder for the lawn and has been happy with the results.
He didn’t see a reason to try anything else.

hd35 shopping trip cmp

We decided this small fertilizer spreader was sufficient for our lawn.

This trip was a success. The primary products I purchase to tackle the bald spots in our lawn were

  1. Vigoro Tree, Shrub and Evergreen Plant Food
  2. Scott’s Turf Builder
  3. Scott’s Fertilizer Spreader

THD Orange Logo

You can find more information on how to implement your Spring projects at The Home Depot.

It’s home improvement time, and The Home Depot has everything you need to #DigIn for Spring. No matter what projects you want to tackle, they have great values on all you need. They’re ready to help you with renovation ideas and expert advice, too.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

The Garden Club at Home Depot Spring Projects


  1. Oh dear good luck with the lawn I’m sure you will get it back to normal and your dog will love it heheh!

    Have a lawntastic week 😉

    1. I still like flowers better than the lawn, but I don’t like balds spots in it either. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Like you, we have dogs, kids and no time! I gave up on trying to do the lawn ourselves. I called Scott’s Lawn Care. My yard looks gorgeous! You have to let me know how your products work!!

    1. Oh, I will. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works and the dog calms down now that she’s a year old. They say Bassets are lazy, she’s proved them wrong so far. ~ Paula

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