Adding Fall Color to the Front Door

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Adding Fall Color to the Front Door and porch area with economical craft and DIY projects. This is a step by step how to decorate a front porch for fall on a budget, cheap and affordable!

A fall front porch with pumpkins and twigs.

I’ll give you Fall front porch ideas that look expensive. Amazing front porch ideas for fall that are easy.

When leaves start falling and pumpkins are everywhere, that’s the ideal time to decorate your front porch for Autumn. For some, decorating comes naturally and easily. For others, it’s a struggle. If you have ever felt overwhelmed when decorating and/or found yourself blowing your budget, this guide will help you! Everyone deserves a festive space, let me show you how I decorate for fall. 

Adding Fall Color to the Front Door

You can apply these steps to any area that you plan to decorate. Today I’m focusing on the front door and porch area.

  1. Look for ideas online. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas because it houses so many different sites content. Create a board of ideas that are pleasing to you then go about replicating that.
  2. First, check to see what you already have that you can incorporate into the design. Old toys, jars, dried plants, hay, urns, and antiques are interesting and add a unique story to your design. Mums and pumpkins go a long way at adding color and interest and are easily available.
  3. Make a list of what you need. Think about things you can use year after year. You may spend more this first year on fake pumpkins but you’ll have them to use over and over again. Also, think about how you’ll store the items and purchase a large container what holds everything when you purchase the decor.
  4. Think about layering objecting and varying heights.
  5. Use the photos you saved to stage and decorate. Then when you have it just perfect take photos AND SAVE THEM. Next year you can dupicate the design easily.
  6. Take it down and store it. Be sure to label the container for next year.

Front door and porch examples

Adding fall color
This is my front door. It’s drab and sad and needs a makeover.
Adding fall color to front door of a house.

I intend to use the pots I already have but spruce them up with mums and pansies in these beautiful oranges and yellows. Then I’m adding another layer of color with pumpkins and guards that add more interest.

Hay bales on the steps of a building.

Similar products to the ones shown above are highlighted> scarecrow door hangers, scarecrow decorations, and fake fall leaves.

A porch with pumpkins, flowers, and a lantern.

I found these lanterns at Amazon.

A bucket of pumpkins on a porch.

Here’s the galvanized tub used above and realistic pumpkins.

More decorating ideas for your front porch.

See Fall Tablescapes, How to paint bottles, and my recipe index.


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