Fall Tablescape

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nnentten Admittedly, I’m not a decorator. I was forced to spruce up and decorate a little for an upcoming party. Fortunately, the natural fall colors go perfectly with the colors I have in my house. I don’t know how real decorators decorate, but I’ll tell you how I did this.

How to decorate a Fall Tablescape

  1. Decide on a theme – I knew I wanted a fall theme with beautiful oranges and browns. Whatever is in season, will be more economical to purchase.
  2. Gather ideas – So I went to Pinterest and searched “Fall Tablescapes”. I made a board of all the pictures that I liked.
  3. I then studied the boards to see what would work for me. I decided which items I had the most of so that I could put together something similar. Luckily for me, my husband and I have collected random items over the years.
  4. Practice makes perfect. I started pulling items out that I thought might work. Now, I have no decorator experience other than I like it when I see it. The only design ‘rule’ I know is to work in odd numbers. I just started arranging and rearranging until I got the tables how I want them.
  5. Note – I’m having a buffet-type service so I wasn’t concerned with the height of the centerpieces. If you were actually going to sit and eat at the tables, you’d want centerpieces that you could see the person sitting across from you.

Fall Tablescape

Below is my ‘formal’ dining room, which is actually just part of the great room…with a table stuck in it…that we only eat at Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s, basically, the first thing you see when you enter my house so I needed a wowzer factor. Well, maybe it’s still not wowzer, but it’s definitely better than all my blog notes lying all over it!

I had an old frame that I layered on top of the burlap and an animal print. I bought those cute hat boxes at Hobby Lobby a couple of months ago because they were super cheap. They gave me some bulk and height. I opted for a pumpkin on the candlestick because I tend to overdo candles in my house. Next, I finished filing the frame with wicker balls, pine cones, and pumpkins all of which I had. I did send the boys out to find the *pine cones.

*Be sure to spray any items you gather from outside with bug spray. I learned the hard way with that one!

Fall Tablescape 3 #callmepmc

Rustic Fall Centerpiece

Below is my kitchen table. It’s a 5×5 foot square. We’re always in the kitchen, this is where we eat most of our meals. I layered the burlap and another animal print cloth to tie in with the other table. Wesley has this large wood plank (I don’t even know) that I stacked on top of four blocks for a little height. I dug out the old crate we had and filled it with moss, pine cones, decorative balls, and fresh pumpkins. Next, I added the topiary that I already had and picked up the grape-vine cone from Hobby Lobby when I purchased the moss. I like the rustic feel of this one.

Fall Tablescape

I’m kind of loving it.

Fall Tablescape

It also felt weird photographing something other than food!

It kind of feels weird not adding a recipe to the end of this post!

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