1. Do you temper the chocolate? The recipe just calls for 16 oz. semi sweet chocolate, so I got cakes of semi sweet Baker’s chocolate…is that appropriate or is there a specific type I should use?

    • No the Baker’s chocolate is typically ready to melt and use. Check the package though, but the Wilton candy melts that I use doesn’t need to be tempered

  2. This is 2016. I hope you get this! These look great, but I and people I make them for don’t drink. Any suggestions? Thanks very much.

    • My parents never did either so I understand. There actually is a bourbon flavoring/extract but it’s hard to find. You can use any flavoring… vanilla, almond, black walnut, and increase the heavy cream 1 or 2 tablespoons. You’ll get the flavor of whatever extract you use, but the texture will be the same.

  3. I stuck a toothpick in the balls before refrigerating them and then dipped them in the chocolate and then removed toothpicks. Was easier for me then the fork. My son and his friends loved them. Thank you for all of your help with different stuff.5 stars

  4. In the Bourbon Balls, where does the 3 T of cream go? (In the powdered sugar mixture or the melted chocolate!)

    • oh my goodness, sorry about that! The cream melts in with the chocolate to make it coat the balls better. Add cream and chocolate together and melt in microwave. Going to correct that in the recipe right now. Thanks for pointing out my error! ~ Paula

        • Ok, now that I’m on the computer and can see the recipe there is not a stick of butter listed in this recipe. There is 1/4 cup. Could please clarify where you see this?

      • Hello- can you please forward the full recipe. Does it need a full stick or 1/4 cup of butter?

        • The full recipe is listed, not sure what you’re seeing. The recipe is correct as written at 1/4 cup butter.

          • I used 1/4 c butter (=1/2 stick) softened, but it didn’t seem enough to “cream” with the powdered sugar. I mixed and mixed, but it never got creamy. It was still loose and powdery. Did I use the right amount of butter?

            • Yes, that’s what I’ve used. It was stiff but did form together into the balls. You can add more butter if needed though. I would add 1 tablespoon at a time until the mixture will stick together .

      • A few comments mention heavy cream. I do not see that in the recipe? Is it needed with the chocolate, and if so, how much?

        Thanks! Can’t wait to try these!


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