Wine Cork Craft ~ Refrigerator Magnets

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Wine Cork Craft ~ Refrigerator Magnets – These cute and colorful wine cork magnets make your refrigerator extra charming. Perfect DIY

Wine Cork Craft


Wine Cork Craft ~ Refrigerator Magnets

Looking for a quick and easy craft project?
Look no further!
Wine Cork Craft
You can collect wine corks or purchase them here.
Wine Cork Craft ~ Refrigerator Magnets
All you need are square magnets that have adhesive on one side.
Stick the adhesive to the cork and presto you have a new hip refrigerator magnet.
Wine Cork Craft ~ Refrigerator Magnets
I cut some of the corks into them, but they are really difficult to cut.
Some of the corks I just stuck the magnet on one side and didn’t cut it.
I really like the ones that I didn’t cut better.
Wine Cork Craft ~ Refrigerator Magnets
How easy was that?! Now, go drink a few bottles of wine and save the corks!
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  1. I am forever looking for fun things to do with all of our corks, so this is great. Thanks for sharing and linking up with #MTMmixer!

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