Party Treat Bowls

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Today, I’m showing you how to make these Party Treat Bowls.

Party Treat Bowls

Party Treat Bowls

I first saw these Party Treat Bowls in Martha Stewart Living magazine and dog-eared the page. They are easy and fun to make.
I thought they would be cute in which to serve this Halloween Snack Mix.
what you'll need
These are the tools you’ll need:
  • Paper plates,
  • scissors,
  • tape measure,
  • pen,
  • decorative paper, or washi tape
  • paper template (shown below).
Washi tape is perfect for this craft. I could not find any locally but was able to find it on Amazon. Order Washi Tape.
paper plates
Make a 3×3 inch template and mark a dot at the corner of each corner.
paper plate, measured and cut
Cut to that dot as shown above.
Party Treat Bowls #crafts #birthdaytreats
Fold that point in.
I really don’t have deformed hands, they just look that way in pictures! 
Party Treat Bowls #crafts #birthdaytreats
Oh, thank goodness, no ugly hands in this pic!
Party Treat Bowls
Now, fold the other sections up to form a bottom and sides.
Party Treat Bowls
I found it best to tape the inside, then the outside will be secured with the decorate paper.
Party Treat Bowls
At this point, you can decorate any combination of ways: stickers, ribbon, etc.
Party Treat Bowls

The cutest!

And here it is all filled up with treats!
They make great serving containers to fill with treats.
You could also fill it with treats, wrap it in a clear paper, and give as party favors!
There are really endless possibilities.

You’ll enjoy making Sand Art Brownies too!

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  1. Aren’t you clever! I spent HOURS make these complicated fry boxes for Olivia’s birthday party in March. I mean HOURS! I so wish I’d made these instead! I hope you’ll share this on BLS today! 🙂

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