The Importance of Drinking Water

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This post is sponsored by Primo Water. I received product and compensation, all opinions are my own.


I’m thrilled to share not only my new found passion of staying hydrated (and why that’s so important) but also an awesome promo code to help you and your family drink more water and better water!

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You all know that I’m a runner – did you know I run 25+ miles a week? I’m also a healthy eater, 80% of the time which means I consider myself a healthy person overall. I have one confession: I wasn’t great at staying hydrated and fell prey to drinking a lot of diet sodas and very little water. This is not the way to stay hydrated and when I learned what diet sodas do to my body, I knew I had to make a change. Luckily for me, I was contacted by Primo Water to share how adding a water dispenser and purified Primo water could help change this bad habit for not only me but for my whole family! That’s a quadruple win!


I was initially surprised by how easy it was to set up – Primo has this set up down and you can have it unpacked, plugged in, and drinking cold water in 10 minutes. You also get coupons for your first 5-gallons of Primo water included with your purchase.


For the record, there are two ways to purchase Primo purified water. You can pick up and exchange bottles (picking up pre-filled 3 or 5-gallon water bottles at over 12,000 locations nationwide) or you can refill bottles at super economical prices. Find Primo water close to you.

 water dispenser

The bottom line is we all need water to survive and we need a lot of it. When it tastes better and you know it’s safe, there’s a much better chance you’ll drink more and this in turn benefits your health.Did you know that men should drink 125 ounces a day and women should drink 91 ounces, including water from foods and other non-caffeinated beverages each day? If you exercise, you’ll need more water than those recommendations especially in the heat and humidity where I live. We just cannot function properly if we’re not hydrated sufficiently.


Staying hydrated is important for a multitude of reasons. We need water to cushion and lubricate our joints, regulate our body’s temperature, nourish our brain and spinal cord, hydrate our cells, and the list goes on. We lose 2-3 liters of water naturally each day. When is it hot or you’re exercising, you’ll lose more water. This is why it’s important to rehydrate our bodies to maintain and restore our health. Energy, mood, skin moisture, blood pressure, and cognitive impairment are all affected by dehydration.

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But how do we drink more water?

Easier said than done? Not at all. Adding an easily accessible dispenser to your home has shown to increase water drinking in families by 25%. This healthy habit helps the whole family feel better, think more clearly, sleep better, stay regulated, have fewer headaches and mood swings. With teenagers in the house, I’ll take all these benefits.

 water dispenser

Water has always been my boys drink of choice but what worried me was the safety of tap water. There are so many reports of contaminants in the water and this is something I don’t want to roll the dice on. Primo water goes through a series of filters and reverse osmosis to ensure that every glass is free of any harmful contaminants and doing exactly what it should be doing – hydrating my family with healthy purified water. When they came home from school and I had this shiny new Primo water system, they felt like it was Christmas. I may or may not have let them believe it was just for them! After their cross country training every afternoon, they can’t get enough of the ‘ice cold’ water. You know boys, especially teenage boys where everything is a competition, they argue over who gets to get the water first and who can drink the most!


Parents with young children: don’t worry! Primo dispensers have child lock-out options so you can prevent any accidental pools in your kitchen.


Adding a water dispenser is one of the best and easiest ways to help kids develop healthy habits at a young age. Placing a Primo water dispenser in a high traffic area like the kitchen helps remind everyone to drink more water. Now, I’ve read articles on how to drink more water and they’re all good. But my solution… I sat my Primo water system in a high-traffic area in my kitchen. Being subtle is not my strong point. We literally have to walk by the water dispenser to get to the refrigerator. It’s just as easy to grab a glass and get water as it is to grab a drink out of the fridge.

 water dispenser

Do you want to know something else about the Primo water system? Of course, you do because it’s one of the best features of all!! It also dispenses hot water!!! I like the hot water feature because it makes my Caramel Cobbler a breeze to make! Big Daddy loves it for his instant grits, Ryder loves it for his ‘Roman’ noodles, And Lincoln thinks it’s the best solution for hot chocolate! The saying goes, ‘when Momma’s happy everyone is happy.’ In my opinion, ‘when the family’s happy, I’m happy!’ And, if hot water makes them happy, I’ll take it!


Not only is Primo Water good for you to drink, the company is environmentally conscious! It makes me feel good when big companies do the right thing. Buying bulk water in 5-gallon bottles keeps 1100 single-use plastic bottles out of the landfills. The 3 and 5-gallon bottles are reused…

 water dispenser

Because I want you to enjoy a Primo water dispenser and the benefits of drinking more water as much as I have, I’m offering a special promotional code, SOUTHERNFOODIE20. It’s applicable towards all Primo dispensers purchased on and will include:

  • 20% off all dispensers purchased on
  • A coupon for your first 5-gallon bottle of primo water, a $14.95 value.
  • FREE shipping and fast turnaround from FedEx, dispenser usually delivered within 5 business days.

If you’re concerned the Primo water dispenser is difficult to set up, it’s not. I unpackaged ours and set it up by myself in about 10 minutes. It’s easy to refill with the bottle in the bottom of the dispenser versus the top.

Finally, there are two ways to purchase Primo purified water. You can pick up and exchange bottles (picking up pre-filled 3 or 5-gallon water bottles at over 12,000 locations nationwide) or you can refill bottles at super economical prices. Find Primo water close to you.

If you want to learn more about Primo, check out their blog at

I want you to be happy and healthy! Don’t forget to order your Primo water dispenser today with code SOUTHERNFOODIE20 for the discount!



This post is sponsored by Primo Water. I received product and compensation, all opinions are my own.






  1. Design of this primo dispenser is very nice and it attracts everyone’s eyes and this helps to drink more water. I would like to suggest you, use alkaline ionised water in it. So the profit will be double.

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