15+ Bourbon Cocktail Recipes to get the Party Started

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You’ll want to thank me for this one! 15+ Bourbon Cocktail Recipes to get the Party Started

So I had misconceptions about bourbon. Probably not the typical misconceptions like all bourbons are made in Kentucky and bourbon has to be aged for two years. Rather, I thought bourbon was for men only and I thought men drank bourbon only during cold weather.

I learned all the facts and actually became a bourbon fanatic after we took the bourbon tour. Bourbon has a depth of flavor and is multidimensional. It’s great straight-up, over ice, with water, Coke, and a host of other mixers. Although bourbon experts contend straight is the only way to go!

15+ Bourbon Cocktail Recipes to get the Party Started

I haven’t shared many bourbon drink recipes with you, but I do have two amazing dessert recipes that contain bourbon. And, I may be partial, but they are simply divine! I made a pound cake with bourbon in it, it’s a boozy delight! It’s a Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cake with Caramel Glaze. Woodford Reserve is a premium bourbon. My husband, may or may not have been a little upset with me for cooking with his premium bourbon. But, one taste and he forgave me… a little. As well, you are probably familiar with the other bourbon recipe, Bourbon Balls. They make appearances mostly at Christmas. I fill these decadent truffles with booze, sugar, and nuts. Next, I dunk them in chocolate.

I often give Bourbon Balls as gifts and, actually, they aren’t difficult to make.

Bourbon definitely has a time and place and with a little experimentation will become one of your go-to cocktails. I collected 15+ Bourbon Cocktail Recipes to get the Party Started for you to try.


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