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Amazing Milkshake Recipes – I’ve got a fun milkshake collection for you.

Let’s celebrate our inner child with these amazing milkshake recipes: 12 Milkshake Recipes that Will Bring Out The Kid in You! These milkshakes are thick, creamy, and so good they’ll make you squeal with delight!

Milkshakes aren’t just good, they’re good for the soul. They take us right back to that carefree age, that joyful time of childhood.

As well, they are easy to make with little prep time, few ingredients, and no cooking. Indulge and enjoy!

There’s something about a milkshake that brings out the kid in each of us. Whether you like simple vanilla or chocolate or you crave more complex flavors, there is a milkshake recipe for you. Check out the collection below and be prepared to have a new craving… or two!

Amazing Milkshake Whether you like a simple vanilla or chocolate or you crave more complex flavors, there is a milkshake recipe for you


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Amazing Milkshake Recipes

Allow just a few seconds for the photo collection to load below. Once loaded, all you need to do is click on the photo and the recipe will open. Next, you can save, pin, or print the recipe.


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A roundup of 39+ Amazing Milkshakes recipe


  1. I used self rising by accident 😫
    Don’t do it… overflow and then collapse.. tastes great looks a MESS..🤦‍♀️

  2. What a long list of recipes! Many of them, i have not tried before. I love them.
    Btw, these photos look great. which camera did you use?

  3. the pumpkin pie, And the vanilla, Look the Best, since I Like pumpkin pie, And vanilla, to begin with!

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