My Day at the Masters and The Masters Famous Pimento Cheese Sandwich

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I was lucky to score tickets to this year’s Masters practice round on Wednesday. The stars must have been aligned because it’s not easy to get them. I wanted to do something special for Big Daddy and he couldn’t have been more happy about going. Wednesday is also when the Par 3 tournament is and we got front row seats on Hole number 4. We saw all the players up close and personal especially when Mr. Jack Nicholas and Brant Snedeker hit their ball in the gallery into the seat right next to us.

I don’t have any special tips on getting tickets, but I can tell you a couple of tips for the day if you are lucky enough to go.

  1. Get there early
  2. Wear comfortable shoes
  3. Wear sunscreen
  4. Get as much swag as you can afford
  5. Eat the Pimento Cheese Sandwich
  6. Eat the Sugar Cookie Peach Ice Cream Sandwich

During the practice rounds you cannot take you phone is (I felt totally disconnected from the world!), but you can take pictures.


Masters 13 cmp1

 There was more security here than an the airports I’ve been through!

Masters13 cmp7

 All the workers, were extremely nice and very informative.

Masters13 cmp6

 We had read that the gates didn’t open until 8 a.m., but had also been informed to get there early for parking.
We left our hotel, which was very close, at 7 a.m., parked without incident, and by the time we walked to the gates,
they had just opened well before 8:00. Perfect!



Masters13 cmp9

 Signs like this was placed throughout and if you didn’t see a sign, there was always an attendant worker close by to ask.

Masters13 cmp8

 Beautiful! This is the Practice Driving Range. Not many golfers were out yet. We walked most of the course just looking.

Masters 13 cmp3

 Mandatory photo opt!

Masters 13 cmp6

 We thought there were a lot of people here at this time. NOT! You have no idea!!!

Masters 13 cmp5

Butler Cabin – not really what I think of as a ‘cabin’ , very beautiful.

Masters 13 cmp4

 Walking and looking

Masters 13 cmp9

 Rory McIlroy on the Practice Green

Masters 13 cmp8

 Rory again.

Masters13 cmp10

 Beautiful azaleas along with other native plants filled the course with blooms.

Masters 13 cmp12

 Par 3 – As soon as we sat down at Hole 4 for the Par 3 this is what I looked up and saw.

Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson (and their caddies) were walking up to the green.

What I liked most about the Par 3 was the caddies. The golfers had their families with them. They were relaxed.
They laughed and joked with the crowd. They signed autographs, the players, not the families…

Mastrs 13 cmp13

 Phil and Bubba

Masters 13 cmp15

 Bubba lining it up.

Masters 13 cmp 17

 Where we were sitting, we could see them teeing off for Hole 5.

Masters 13 cmp18

 Bernhard Langer  (in the red)

Masters 13 cmp 19

Brandt Snedeker hit his ball right into the gallery. It landed, as you can see, in the chair beside my friend.

Masters 13 cmp 20

 The Marshall is ‘protecting’ the bowl.

Masters13 cmp1

Brandt about to hit from where he dropped it out of the chair. All I can really remember thinking is he has really great hair!

Masters13 cmp2

Fred Couples

Masters 13 cmp7

 Looking across the lake on the Par 3

Masters13 cmp5

 Iconic – Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player together on the Par 3

Masters13 cmp3

Mr. Nicklaus also hit his ball right next to us.

Masters13 cmp4

 Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer


Masters 13 cmp10

#12 at Amen Corner

Masters 13 cmp11

 #13 at Amen Corner


Marsters 13 cmp2

The food was simple but very good.

Mini Moon Pies (It’s a Southern thing,)
Egg Salad Sandwich
BBQ Sandwiches
Chicken in a Biscuit (for breakfast)
Chicken sandwich and Chicken Wraps
Sugar Cookie Sandwiches with Peach Ice Cream (yum!)

and the famous Pimento Cheese Sandwich which I’ll share a recipe for at the end of this post.

Masters 13 cmp1

 And, you can’t go to the Masters without buying a little, or a lot, of swag!

Masters 13 cmp2


Masters 13 cmp3


Masters 13 cmp4


Masters 13 cmp5


Masters 13 cmp6


Masters13 cmp7


Masters 13 cmp7

No, I didn’t bring a sandwich home, but I did write down what I tasted and what we thought was in it.-

So this is it – The Masters Famous Pimento Cheese Sandwich

Masters Pimento Cheese sandwich call me pmc

I tried different combinations and tweaked the recipe and this comes very, very close to what’s served.


pimento cheese

cheddar cheese

pimento cheese 2

Blue Plate Mayonnaise

pimento cheese 3

Diced pimentos

pimento cheese 4

black pepper

pimento cheese 5

Red pepper

pimento cheese 6


pimento cheese 7



The Masters Famous Pimento Cheese Sandwich
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 24
  • 1 - 4 ounce jar pimentos
  • 1 cup Blue Plate mayonnaise
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon ground red pepper
  • 8 ounce mild cheddar cheese, shredded*
  • 24 slices white bread
  1. Drain pimentos
  2. Mix cheese, mayonnaise, pimentos, black pepper and red pepper until combined.
  3. Spread on slice of bread and top with another slice.
  4. Serve and enjoy!
I don't recommend using the pre-shredded cheese. Purchase a block and shred it yourself.



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  1. Jenny says

    Looks like a great day for you two. I like to watch golf. One of my daughters and her husband were selected once to be a “shoosher”? [the people that have a paddle and keep the crowd quiet]…Enjoyed the pictures Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    Wow, that was first….looking at my blogs and my husband got into it!! :) What beautiful grounds. That must have been an amazing experience! I am loving those sandwiches too!!!

  3. says

    It looks like you had a really great time! I want the recipe for the Sugar Cookie Peach Ice Cream Sandwich tho!

  4. says

    I’m impressed! I would be totally distracted by all the beautiful grounds and azaleas to notice the golf. My mother would not anwer the phone on the Sunday of the finals of the Masters!

    Your pictures are great. I’m glad you had such a great chance and a good time.


  5. says

    You keep posting this on link parties and I keep drooling over it! Ima have to make pimento cheese after the move. (:

    • says

      lol, I’m about to have the last of it for lunch today! Let me know if you like it. Thanks for dropping by ~ Paula

  6. says

    How fun to get to go to the Masters. What a gorgeous course and clubhouse. Your photos are fabulous and I feel as if I’m with you. Great job. My father was a scratch golfer and played several times a week. I bought him a cookbook from the Masters one year for his birthday. How he would have loved to go to the Masters.

    Love the pimento cheese sandwich too. I’m a southern gal and we do adore our pimento cheese!

    • says

      When I applied for tickets, I knew it would be a long shot to get them. I was very surprised and pleased when I learned we were chosen. It was supposed to be a Christmas present for my husband but I couldnt contain my excitement and told him when I got the confirmation in September!

      Thank you for your kind words, it was really a lot of fun and I’m not a golfer.

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by! I could eat Pimento Cheese sandwiches every day I think. Tell me if you try it and lke it ~ Paula

  7. says

    What an incredible day and you were close to such legends. The grounds are really beautiful too. When you found time to fit in making such a wonderful sandwich I’ll never know. Thanks for sharing it with us on foodie friday.

  8. says

    What an exciting day. Great pictures! We were there for Monday’s practice round. What an experience of a lifetime! I have shared some pics on my blog as well and would love for you to have a look! I hosted a Masters party on Sunday complete with pimento and cheese sandwiches as well!! Spent way too much in the gift shops, but who knows if we will ever get to go again!! Can’t wait to show my husband the picture of the ball in the chair! Too fun.

  9. tonilea says

    I live in Augusta and though I do not like pimiento cheese sandwiches there was a recipe in our newspaper yesterday with what is supposed to be the real recipe that they use. It is similar to yours, but slightly different. Here you go:
    8 oz sharp cheddar grated
    4 oz chopped pimiento, drained
    6 Tablespoons mayo (brand not given)
    s&p to taste
    Mix all in food processor. Chill overnight to marry flavors. Enjoy.
    The National is a beautiful course and you did a great job on the photos. I am glad you had a good time. They really do a nice job on traffic and parking. Isn’t the food a great bargain??? People are always surprised at how reasonable it is.

    • says

      I mean, we had a blast. We go places for the food and had heard it was good and reasonable. Thanks so much for the recipe. I give it a try! Thanks for visiting!

  10. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says

    I haven’t had pimiento cheese in forever! Looks good, Paula – thanks for sharing at All My Bloggy Friends!

  11. says

    We live close to Muirfield in Dublin, OH where the Memorial Tournament is held each year and I’ve been lucky enough to attend twice through work. Beautiful surroundings and so much fun and excitement! There is nothing like it — and I don’t golf! The recipe sounds yummy! Thanks so much for sharing on busy Monday!
    A Pinch of Joy/

  12. says

    So funny about the hair! We live in Atlanta but have never made it to the masters. How exciting and what a great experience. Watching Mickelson right now as a matter of fact in the US Open

    • says

      oh, it was so much fun! We just watched the Open too, I like Mickelson, wish he had done better. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. says

    I love your photos. My favorite is the azaleas, no the water, no – the sandwich. It sounds terrific. Thanks for sharing with My Meatless Mondays. Have a wonderful week.

    • says

      It was a really cool day! I would do totally meatless every day, but all the boys in my house are big meat eaters!


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