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Save time and money by using cookie or cake mixes in your baked goods. I’m sharing 13 Cookie and Cake Mix Creations today that all start with a mix. They may begin with a mix, but they’re scrumptious and taste like they’re made from scratch!

I'm sharing 13 Cookie and Cake Mix Creations today that all start with a mix.

Embarking on a baking journey with cake or cookie mixes can be an excellent starting point for both novice and seasoned bakers alike. These mixes provide a convenient foundation, offering a shortcut without compromising on taste or quality. For beginners venturing into the world of baking, these pre-packaged mixes serve as an accessible entryway, presenting a structured and straightforward approach to creating delectable desserts. With clear instructions and pre-measured ingredients, they alleviate the intimidation often associated with baking from scratch, instilling confidence and encouraging experimentation.

I love to bake from scratch, but I’ll tell you can get a fabulous cake starting with a mix and adding extras into the mix. Using a cake mix allows a new baker to use an almost full-proof method of baking a cake. For a more experienced baker, it’s a little quicker and more convenient. Cake mixes are also great as a base for bars with just a couple of ingredients. Likewise, using a cookie mix as a starter for bars is a fast and convenient way to bake. I love to start with a mix when I have several food items I need to take to events.

Moreover, cake or cookie mixes offer a versatile canvas for creativity. While they provide a reliable base, they also welcome a spectrum of personal touches and innovative twists. For those with a penchant for culinary exploration, these mixes serve as a springboard to unleash imagination and tailor the final product to individual tastes. Whether it’s incorporating additional spices, fresh fruits, nuts, or unique toppings, these mixes serve as a customizable platform, allowing bakers to put their signature stamp on each creation while honing their skills and gradually transitioning to more complex baking techniques.

Ultimately, starting with cake or cookie mixes can be an incredibly rewarding experience, fostering a love for baking while nurturing the freedom to explore and innovate within the realm of desserts.

Start with a mix

I’m sharing 13 Cookie and Cake Mix Creations today that are all from Call Me PMc! They’re also some of my very favorite desserts. The Key Lime Cake is just heaven! And, the Easy Strawberry Cake is the cake I always (and still do) ask my Mom to make for my birthday!

Rainbow Cake

Easy Rainbow Cake

A beautiful, fun, festive, and easy layered cake that has the colors of a rainbow.
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Lemon Cake recipe

Lemon Cake

Tender white cake filled with tart lemon curd and covered with a fluffy whipped cream frosting.
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Margarita Cupcakes

Margarita Cupcakes

Moist, tart, and sweet these Margarita Cupcakes are full of lime, margarita mix, and, yes, tequila!
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Lemon Cream Bars

Lemon Cream Bars

Lemon Cream Bars are Lusciously creamy and bursting with bright lemon flavor. Deliciously crumb bars start with a cookie mix and have a zesty lemon filling.
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Plated slice of key lime cake with cream cheese frosting.

Easy Key Lime Cake with Key Lime Cream Cheese Frosting

Rich, bright, and fluffy, my Easy Key Lime Cake with Key Lime Cream Cheese Frosting has a tangy lime flavor with decadent cream cheese frosting.
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Easy Strawberry Cake

Easy Strawberry Cake

Easy Strawberry Cake tastes and looks like a bakery cake, but is easier than from-scratch! It's full of fresh strawberries in the cake and the icing. This cake is 'easy' because it starts with a cake mix, but don't worry unless you tell noone will ever know!
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Rich and luscious, not only is Pecan Cobbler crazy simple to make, it’s crazy delicious too!


This decadent Southern dessert recipe is super easy to make. The cobbler and sauce are created in one pan. The luscious, velvety texture makes the perfect bite…after bite…after bite!
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Stack of 3 chocolate bars on a saucer.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Made with a cake mix short-cut, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars is an easy crumb bar dessert recipe with a creamy peanut butter and chocolate mixture sandwiched between a cake mix base and topping.
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A stack of oatmeal cookie crumble bars topped with creamy cream cheese on a white plate.

Oatmeal Cookie and Cream Cheese Bars

An easy combination of cookie and cheesecake, my Oatmeal Cookie and Cream Cheese Bars start with cookie mix for a super easy treat.
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Blueberry Jam Cookie Cups

Blueberry Jam Cookie Cups

You can also use Sugar Cookie Mix or Slice and Bake Sugar Cookies for the crust if you prefer.
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Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Bark

White Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Bark

It's luscious, creamy, exquisite; the rich white chocolate hugs a velvety, cake-like center.
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Honey Bun Cake

Easy Honey Bun Cake

Honey Bun Cake is like a cake that tastes just like a Honey Bun pastry or Cinnamon Roll. It's SUPER easy to make. There's no waiting for yeast to rise and bread to proof. Just mix this easy cake that starts with a cake mix together and you're ready to bake!
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Cheesecake Cookie Cups

Basic Cheesecake Cookie Cups

Enjoy these Basic Cheesecake Cookie Cups warm or cold. Store in refrigerator up to 2 weeks in an airtight container.
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If you’re new to baking you may need to know how to frost a layer cake. I wrote you out directions, in detail below.

How to frost a layer cake

Tip #1: Begin by ensuring your cakes are level; if they’ve domed during baking, trim the tops with a serrated knife or a cake leveler. If they’ve caved, no need to level them; simply fill the cavity with frosting.

Place the first cake on a cake board or plate using a cake lifter, then place the plate on a cake turntable. Add approximately 1/2 cup of frosting. Use an angled spatula to spread it evenly.

Tip #2: Evenly measure the frosting for each layer. Spread the frosting evenly over each layer, pushing any excess towards the edges.

Continue stacking the layers, ensuring equal portions of frosting between them. If it’s the final layer, place it with the flat side up and add about 1/2 cup of frosting on top. Smooth it evenly, and then apply a thin crumb coat of frosting to the sides.

Chill the cake for at least 30 minutes to set the crumb coat. Afterward, spread another 1/2 cup of frosting on top and frost the sides with a thick coat. Use a cake knife to smooth the sides, and then apply the same technique to smooth the top.

Tip #3: For easier smoothing, frost the cake with a thick layer of frosting. Following these steps will give you a clean canvas for your cake decorating endeavors.


    1. Thank you! That Honey Bun cake is my all time favorite, I rarely make it for myself though, it’s so easy and always a favorite when I take it places.

  1. Great collection, they all look really good! Would love to try the lemon and key lime cake to bring some much needed sunshine my way 🙂

  2. Ok, Paula, these all look delicious but of course, I go straight to the lemon! 🙂 Plus, this reminds me that I want to try that Honey Bun Cake! Thanks for sharing and pinning!

    1. I’m glad someone else forgets what they want to make. I do that all the time! Too many recipes, too little time! Thanks for visiting and sharing, Cindy!

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