Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash

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Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash, this homemade spray provides a safer and more economical way to wash produce and prevent herbs from having bugs.

Do you grow herbs? I do. I love being able to walk out on my porch and cut fresh herbs for my recipes. The more I cook, the more herbs I grow. And I always have some of these Herb Butters in the refrigerator!

Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash is a multi-purpose solution designed to effectively protect your crops from pests while also ensuring the cleanliness of your vegetables. It is made with natural ingredients, minimizing the use

A diet of fruits and vegetables is vital for our health. However, these same fruits and vegetables can carry germs that can make us sick. In fact, 24 million people a year get sick from germs on fresh produce.

A yellow spray bottle labeled "Organic Pesticide" sits on a table in a kitchen.

This is why washing your produce before you eat it is important. Furthermore, it is simply not enough to rinse your produce off with water. You need something stronger.

A person is rinsing organic spinach in a colander using vegetable wash.

Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash

This all-natural vegetable wash is made with hydrogen peroxide and distilled to help remove pesticides and bacteria from produce! It’s the best thing to use for washing vegetables.

Herbs in pots.

These are my current collection: basil, mint, cilantro and parsley.

Make sure the produce you and your family eat is clean with these simple directions for how to make a DIY fruit and vegetable cleaner.

Mint in pot.

I recently shared my Orange Mojito and a Strawberry Mojito that uses mint, but there are many other
cocktails recipes that you will want to try!

Basil in pot.

My basil is where the bug problem started!

Basil in pot.

Look closely, see the holes? An insect was on the basil and mint. I haven’t wanted to spray chemicals on the plants since we ate them. Years ago, I read about this solution in a magazine and saved it. I have used this solution for years to clean the fruits and vegetables I grow. It worked beautifully and cost just pennies to make!!

Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash

1  and 1/3 cup  3% hydrogen peroxide
2 and  2/3 cup distilled water

Pour into a clean spray bottle.
Spray on herbs or other vegetables to remove insects.
Spray a couple of times a week or when you see insect activity.

Also, use to cleanse residue off fruits and vegetables.

Store in a dark, cool place.

Organic vegetable and plant wash.


  1. We are going to try to keep bottle of this by the cucumber plants, our grand children love to pick and eat the cukes while touring the garden. While we do not use any chemicals, we have always thought that the veggies should be washed but not always do we see that it is done. We have no running water other than the watering system out there and this spray bottle solution might just be the thing. Spray, wait, pick and consume, will be the plan, but perhaps we need a rinse cycle, but again that requires water that will be getting dirty by being there for prolonged exposures.

  2. Did you mean 93% hydrogen peroxide or just 3%??? … Just want to make sure i get it right. Thanks

    1. Hi Josie, my bottle says 3%. I just went and looked to make sure I didn’t type that wrong. This reminds me that I need to spray again! Thanks, have a great weekend!

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  5. Hi, I love herbs and growing them. Can’t do it now except in pots and times is so short. Really beautiful plants. You are talented and have a big green thumbs. 🙂

    1. OH thank you. I have to keep mine in pots on the front porch so my dog doesn’t eat them. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I can’t wait to try this idea. Have you tried it anywhere else in the garden, or just on herbs? I have to use pesticide on squash plants for those pesky squash bugs, but I’d love to find a healthy alternative. (Healthy for me–not the bugs!)

    1. I have only used it on herbs and to wash my fruits and veggies with. I don’t know what kind of insect was on them. I’ve been meaning to spray my tomatoes, but just haven’t yet. I’d be interested to know if it works on them too.

  7. I’ve tried cleaning my fruit and veggies with Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda. I’m going to try your mix, and hope to one day be able to grow my own fruits and vegetables. Thank you for sharing!

  8. This is a keeper for sure! Thanks, Paula. My little herbs have a few of these little spots on them. The mint gets it every summer.

    See ya’ Saturday at Saturday Dishes.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,

  9. That is very helpful! I planted green peppers, lettuce, cucs, and beans. Something got in and ate all the seeds. If I get something to actually start growing again (first time gardening in AZ), I’ll mix up some of this! Thank you!

    1. Whatever was on my herbs, it worked on them. I keep some mixed up and always was my fruit from market with it. Thanks for visiting.

  10. Love it! I’m pinning this right now. I have basil and dill growing and have noticed ants around the pot. I’m going to see if this will work against those too. Have a great week, Paula!

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