Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash

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Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash, this homemade spray provides a safer and more economical way to wash produce and prevent herbs from having bugs.

Do you grow herbs? I do. I love being able to walk out on my porch and cut fresh herbs for my recipes. The more I cook, the more herbs I grow. And I always have some of these Herb Butters in the refrigerator!

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Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash

Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash These are my current collection: basil, mint, cilantro and parsley


Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash  I recently shared my Orange Mojito and a Strawberry Mojito that uses mint, but there are many other
cocktails recipes that you will want to try!

Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash  And, this is my basil. And where my problem started!

Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash Look closely, see the holes? A tiny insect was on the basil!
Last year something ate my mint.

I knew I couldn’t spray any chemicals on the plants.
I have used this solution for years to clean fruits and vegetables that I grow and purchase
so I decided to see  if it would work.
It worked beautifully and cost a mere pennies to make!!

Organic Pesticide and Vegetable Wash

1  and 1/3 cup  3% hydrogen peroxide
2 and  2/3 cup distilled water
Pour into a clean spray bottle. Spray on herbs or other vegetables to remove insects. Spray a couple of times a week or when you see insect activity.

Also, use to cleanse residue off fruits and vegetables.

Store in a dark, cool place.

Organic insecticide and vegetable wash


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  1. We are going to try to keep bottle of this by the cucumber plants, our grand children love to pick and eat the cukes while touring the garden. While we do not use any chemicals, we have always thought that the veggies should be washed but not always do we see that it is done. We have no running water other than the watering system out there and this spray bottle solution might just be the thing. Spray, wait, pick and consume, will be the plan, but perhaps we need a rinse cycle, but again that requires water that will be getting dirty by being there for prolonged exposures.

  2. Did you mean 93% hydrogen peroxide or just 3%??? … Just want to make sure i get it right. Thanks

    1. Hi Josie, my bottle says 3%. I just went and looked to make sure I didn’t type that wrong. This reminds me that I need to spray again! Thanks, have a great weekend!

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