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14+ Amazing Holiday Turkey Leftovers Recipes

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! I don’t know how one day, one holiday, can result in SO much food! But, it always does. We have an amazingly good time cooking, eating, visiting, eating some more. By the end of the day, I feel like I won’t eat for days. A testament that we over-cook is the bowls and bowls of food leftover.

Actually, I don’t mind leftovers. I have this entire series on Call Me PMc called Encore Meals where I cook once and eat twice. Basically, plan for leftovers, re-work them and present an entirely different dish to the family for dinner. Get creative with leftover turkey from sandwiches and wraps to casseroles and pot pies. Here is 2 Weeks of Amazing Holiday Turkey Leftovers Recipes to give you inspiration for your leftover holiday food. Be sure to check out my friend, Julie, from This Gal Cooks, who has more ideas for your leftover homemade holiday dishes.

Holiday Turkey Leftovers Recipes

14 Homemade Leftover Turkey Recipes


This sandwich recipe calls for chicken, but you could easily substitute turkey.
Spicy Chicken Cobb Sandwich


Turkey Melt

Turkey melt with caramelized onions and a spicy pumpkin mayo.

I adore this Italian Melt, it calls for deli turkey, but you know homemade turkey leftovers will be much better than a deli!
Italian Melt | Taste and Tell

Cranberry Turkey Croque Monsieur

Turkey Cranberry Panini


Apple Turkey Panini

Turkey Apple Panini


Bruschetta Turkey Burger Sliders ground turkey burgers are topped with the classic tomato bruschetta and mozzarella cheese and balsamic mayonnaise.

Bruschetta Turkey Burger Sliders

Bruschetta Turkey Burger Sliders are ground turkey burgers are topped with the classic tomato bruschetta and mozzarella cheese and balsamic mayonnaise.
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Turkey Philly Cheesesteak Recipe

Deli turkey slices kicks up this favorite sandwich recipe. It's grilled with peppers, onions, turkey and cheese until hot. Easy recipe that's ready in less than 30 minutes.
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grilled turkey peach sandwich

Turkey Peach Grilled Cheese

An unexpected sandwich combination, you'll love the unique flavors of turkey, peaches and gooey brie in this sandwich. Buttered and grilled to perfection, this sandwich is gooey on the inside with a crisp outside.
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Leftover Turkey Bruschetta Slider

Leftover Turkey Bruschetta Slider with Balsamic Mayonnaise

Incredibly delicious Leftover Turkey Bruschetta Slider with Balsamic Mayonnaise is unlike any other sandwich you've tasted. It's easy, fresh, and so flavorful!
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Turkey Brie and Cranberry Mustard Sliders

Turkey Brie Cranberry Mustard Sliders

he ultimate leftover turkey sandwich is the perfect combination of flavors.
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Turkey Pesto Cheese Sandwich

Baked Focaccia Turkey Sandwich

This easy turkey sandwich is FULL of flavor!
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Turkey Strawberry Brie Sandwich with Balsamic reduction

Turkey Strawberry Brie Sandwich

Turkey Strawberry Brie Sandwich topped with a rich balsamic reduction. It's mouth-watering & simple. This sandwich is easy to make, but the flavors and textures give it a gourmet flare. It's sure to become your favorite!
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But, don’t just stop at sandwiches!! ~ There’s so much more you can make with leftover turkey!

Leftover Turkey Frittata Recipe

Smoked Turkey Rosti Latke


Turkey Wild Rice Casserole

Turkey and wild rice casserole is perfect for your left over turkey!

White Bean Turkey and Kale Soup

White Bean Turkey and Kale Soup - Eat Spin Run Repeat

Turkey Shepards Pie

 Leftover Turkey Shepherd's Pie

Ranch Turkey Club Salad

Ranch Turkey Club Salad - All the goodness of a club sandwich in a bowl! by @wearychef


That’s some creative uses of leftover turkey, right? I hope you found inspiration for those holiday leftovers!

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