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These are a few of  My Favorite Snacks for Running Fuel. If you’re serious about running, you need to put as much thought into the foods you consume as you do your workouts. Running alone will only get you so far, you need nutrients and, yes, calories. Try the recipes and foods below to see what works best for you. I enjoy these pre-run, post-run, and for snacks.


These foods are ideas of healthy snacks that can supply you with the energy you need to run your best. Most are portable. Sometimes I need to run errands before I go home after a run. As well, really, who wants to make something right after an exhausting long run?

In addition to the ideas pictured below, try also

  1. Raisins and other dried fruit
  2. Applesauce pouches
  3. Fig Bars
  4. Apples plus nut butter
  5. Air-popped popcorn
  6. Low-fat chocolate milk
  7. cottage cheese or Greek yogurt and fresh fruit
  8. Pretzels
  9. Hummus and whole wheat crackers
  10. String cheese

Almond Butter Stuffed Dates (<click for recipe)

Almond Butter Stuffed Dates

Amond butter, small banana, & Ezekiel bread

Healthy Snacks. peanut butter and banana sandwich

As well, be sure to check out Snack Smart as well as healthy entrees, 17 Easy Healthy Meals that Will Make You Feel Great!

Greek yogurt and naturally sweet jam

Healthy Snacks

My Favorite Snacks for Running Fuel

Click photo for recipe.

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What do you like to snack on after a long run? Looking forward to your comments below!

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