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I’m excited to share my Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and Recipes with you. This is the first time I’ve shared a holiday menu and tips with you. If you’ve been hosting family holidays for a while, this will seem second nature and elementary to you. I didn’t want to skip anything in case there are first-timers reading and hosting this year.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and Recipes.

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and Recipes

Pro tip: Plan, Plan, Plan then plan some more!!

My three biggest and best tips for any holiday, party, or celebration is

  1. Seriously, plan your menu, plan your grocery list, plan the tablescape, plan the dishes and utensils, and plan a cooking schedule.
  2. Ask for help. You aren’t Super Woman and you don’t have to do it all. Ask others to bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert.
  3. Make ahead. Whatever you can make ahead or prep ahead the better off you’ll be the day of and the less stressed you’ll be.

Breaking the fast

If you have overnight guests or guests coming for the day, consider offering breakfast so everyone isn’t famished by mealtime. I like to offer a self-serve buffet. Apple Cider Mimosa and Strawberry Fizz are boozy drink options. Of course, I also have coffee and juice available.

Quiche is great and can be made ahead, frozen, and cooked or reheated when you’re ready for it. 

  1. Sausage Rotel Dip Quiche
  2. Bacon and Sausage Quiche
  3. Captain Rodney’s Boucan Chicken Quiche

Overnight breakfast casseroles are perfect for the holidays. Put them together the night before and bake in the morning. 

  1. Tater Tot Sausage Breakfast Casserole
  2. Overnight Sausage Egg Breakfast Casserole
  3. Honey Bun Cake or Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Cake

Or, send the men on a donut run, they’re usually itching to get out of the house anyway.


Make ahead and refrigerate any drinks that you can. Obviously, if they have a carbonated soda leave it out until you’re ready to serve. Stock the bar if needed or provide coolers with drinks (adult as well as kid-friendly drinks). Some people enjoy coffee all day so set up a coffee bar.

spiked pineapple lemonade recipe

Spiked Pineapple Lemonade Recipe

Spiked Pineapple Lemonade Recipe is a perfectly refreshing cocktail with a nice little kick thanks to the vodka.

make this recipe
Quick Apple Pie Moonshine

Quick Apple Pie Moonshine

Quick Apple Pie Moonshine, aka Apple Moonshine, is a fun cocktail recipe that you can make quickly and easily. It's slightly sweet and full of apple and cinnamon.
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Eating before you eat. When there’s a wait before a meal it’s a good idea to offer a little something for your guests to munch on especially if they’re kids. The reason I like Mexican restaurants so much is that you can immediately have chips and salsa. Appetizers don’t have to be elaborate but offer something to nibble. Charcuterie boards are ideal for this. You can put them together, refrigerate, and pull them out when you’re ready. (And don’t forget kid-friendly munchies. Little ones like to nibble often.)

  1. Burrata Charcuterie Board
  2. Topgolf Pretzel Board
  3. How to Assemble a Charcuterie Platter
  4. Jarcuterie {Charcuterie in a Jar}
  5. Cheddar Cheese Straws 
  6. Salami Rolls

Burrata Charcuterie Board


The big event.


How long to thaw a turkey

Ultimate Smoked Turkey Recipe
Ultimate Smoked Turkey

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and Recipes

Instant Pot Pineapple Brown Sugar Ham


Side dishes are really what I love the most.

Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Pecans

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Mac and Cheese No roux No flour

Mac & Cheese

Carmaelzied Shaved Brussels Sprouts

Caramelized Shaved Brussels Sprouts

Healthy Green Bean Casserole

Healthier Green Bean Casserole

Brioche Dinner Rolls

Brioche Dinner Rolls



I’m a firm believer in having more than one dessert.

Chocolate Pudding Pie

Mama's Famous From Scratch Chocolate Pudding Pie

Mama's Famous From Scratch Chocolate Pudding Pie is a very simple and quick pie to make. It can easily be made in 30 minutes. With a luscious, velvety texture and chocolate flavor this pie is a family favorite. 
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Pecan Pie

Granny's Classic Southern Pecan Pie

Granny's Classic Southern Pecan Pie is a super simple crowd-pleasing dessert recipe. This delicious pie is a holiday staple in most Southern celebrations with the crunchy pecans, caramel-like nougat, and buttery flaky crust. 
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Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe is tender and moist. It's sweet and simple with a buttery flavoring that melts in your mouth!

Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe

Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe is tender and moist. It's sweet and simple with a buttery flavoring that melts in your mouth!
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Pumpkin Cheesecake Swirl Bundt Cake {Pound Cake}


Nothing is more comforting than this Pumpkin Bundt with Cheesecake Swirl.  You start with a yellow cake mix and add in pumpkin and spices to make the moistest pumpkin cake!  A cheesecake filling runs throughout the middle making it heavenly. Finally, it gets topped with a cream cheese glaze to really put this cake over the top.  This is sure to be your new favorite this Fall!
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  1. Think about your menu
  2. Make a To-Do List
  3. Test your recipes (if they’re new)
  4. Plan your shopping list
  5. Make a food and oven schedule
  6. It would be a great time to invest in a Slow Cooker and or Instant Pot (or if you have Amazon Prime check the Instant Pot here and the Slow Cooker here.)
  7. Purchase (or test your current one for accuracy) an Instant Read Meat Thermometer
  8. Plan your tablescape and purchase what you need

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and Recipes.. tablescape

Thanksgiving Week Prep

(example timeline)


  1. Set the table
  2. Tweak your list with items you forgot about
  3. Organize and plan dishes and serving utensils
  4. Begin thawing your turkey (see graphic above)


  1. Get groceries, wine, and alcohol
  2. Prepare the pound cake and pumpkin pound cake
  3. Prepare the pecan pie


  1. Bake the Honey Bun Cake or Pumpkin breakfast cake
  2. Put the charcuterie board together, wrap in foil, and refrigerate
  3. Prepare the moonshine cocktail
  4. Season the ham
  5. Prepare the mac and cheese
  6. Prep the sweet potatoes
  7. Prep the green beans


  1. Prepare the breakfast casserole
  2. Make the chocolate pie
  3. Prep the Brussels sprouts
  4. Make the rolls and refrigerate until ready to bake
  5. Last minute grocery store run. (Don’t forget extra ice.)

Thanksgiving day


  1. Remove the turkey from the fridge and prep
  2. Bake the breakfast casserole
  3. Start roasting the turkey and ham

Midday – early afternoon

  1. Start baking the casseroles
  2. Make the mashed potatoes
  3. Put out the charcuterie
  4. Set out cocktails
  5. Bake the rolls
  6. Finish turkey and ham, allow them to rest, carve
  7. Set out the casseroles
  8. Enjoy your family and friends

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu and Recipes.

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